Easy to Hate, Easy to Make: Hand Sani

If you've managed to catch all the breaking headlines lately about new strains of deadly superbugs or flesh-eating street drugs , then you've probably  become besties with that hand sanitizer dispenser at the exit of your office building (fine OK I admit that's me). Terrifying mutant bacterial news stories aside, using too much hand sanitizer could actually lower your immune system's ability to fight off the microbial enemy. 

The more often you drench your hands in "anti-bacterial" sanitizer, the more resistant those bacterias become to treatment.  The primary culprit in this is Triclosan, a product that prevents bacterial growth in most nonalcoholic hygiene products. So much for all its hard work though; not only is the FDA reviewing Triclosan's effectiveness, but it also encourages bacterias to become further immune to antibiotics. Furthermore, most sanitizers are loaded with parabens, that can lead to numerous diseases, cancers, skin irritations, on and on. In short: stay away from yr average hand sani. It's over-priced and toxic ridden with sketchy ingredients poorly masked by the artificial scent of some mountain flower enclosed in wasteful plastic packaging.


Instead, just make your own. The recipe's so easy that you probably could have made it in less time it took to read this story. While the simple soap & water method is probably your best bet, sometimes its nice for a little convenience when it comes to cleanliness. 

The ingredients are pretty self explanatory: moisturizing aloe vera gel, which helps to repair irritated and dry skin; lavender witch hazel astringent, which can cleanse wounds and offers anti-inflammatory properties; and last two shots of the powerfully disinfecting vodka (one for you, and one for the mixture). 

Combine these and add to your receptacle of choice. We choose pocket-sized roll ons, which prevent the sani from quickly spilling everywhere, and also allow us to fit them in our pockets. The finished product won't smell like a bouquet of rubbing alcohol drenched roses, but it will smell clean.


1:3 shot ratio of aloe vera gel, lavender witch hazel, and vodka
1 oz. bottles (our mixture filled about 3 of these)



1. Combine ingredients
2. Shake it like a polaroid picture
3. Dispense into bottles