Brush Yo Teef: DIY Edition

Let’s be real. Where would we be these days without the saving grace of toothpaste? It battles wine mouth, makes for better make-outs, eases guilt from late night snack attacks (we’ve all been there, ok). Bad breath isn’t fun for anyone, and neither is sloshing around poisonous fluoride three to four times a day.  Natural toothpaste is pretty simple to find at most health food stores, but making your own is even easier.  

For our batch of toothpaste, we used five key ingredients: coconut oil, baking soda, peppermint oil and stevia (to taste), and a small dose of vegetable glycerine. 

In the game of homemade toothpaste, coconut oil takes the crown. It is a potent, natural antibacterial and antifungal- working hard to obliterate harmful bacteria lurking within each crevice. Battling this bacteria also aids in plaque removal, and over time can result in whiter teeth. The external healing properties of coconut oil may also help sooth sore or bleeding gums.

Another vital ingredient to our recipe is baking soda, a personal favsies. As an alkaline, baking soda can neutralize harmful acids in your mouth that may be breaking down tooth enamel. It also provides that sorta grit which scrubs away plaque, while absorbing the foul odors of the greasy fries you just ate.

Last, for added freshness, we threw in a pinch of stevia (an all natural sweetener), and a good bit of peppermint essential oil. Aside from the minty aroma from the peppermint, this essential oil may contribute to easier digestion. You know, just in case you accidentally swallow a bit of your toothpaste... 


3 tbs coconut oil
3 tbs baking soda
25 drops peppermint oil
1 packet of stevia
2 tsp vegetable glycerine


1. Mix together the baking soda and coconut oil until the elements are combined.

2. Add peppermint oil, stevia, and vegetable glycerine (you can add more than listed depending on preference) .

3. Go brush your teeth!