I believe in gadding about. Terminal workday, dragnet night? Lame locus, civil social? Gad out. As alluded to in the video, most finds are found on other missions--a trip down river, then oddly up conveyors. Some days the only thing to raise hairs on my neck is a brush with, or a breach of, new bounds. Explore sensibly and bring along a Bloom mixtape. 

The Aucilla Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and the abandoned Cabbage Grove Quarry are located southeast of Tallahassee off Coastal Highway 98. From 98, head north on Powell Hammock Road; the quarry is on the right after a ways. From Powell Hammock, make a left onto Goose Pasture Road and continue a mile or so until you come to the Florida Trail kiosk. This area is managed by a number of agencies, but mainly by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). WMAs are regulated public hunting grounds, so wear something blaze orange and do not stray too far off trails. Take off the orange and roam freely, if you're heading for the quarry; I've been out there several times and never seen a soul. For a map and brochure, visit

Sinkhole In One

Things to remember: impromptu adventure outdoor trips are good for your health! A brief shout out to leon sinkholes, luna moths, water shoes, rope swings, not having to deal with bros&beer cans, iced tea colored water, go pros & the natural hum of nature. Have you had your retreat from the city lately?