My Speed Date With The Grand Canyon

My Speed Date With The Grand Canyon

A few weeks ago, I made the cross-country drive to my new home of Los Angeles, CA from beloved Tallahassee. Without weather on my side, I took the four-hour detour of stopping by the Grand Canyon to enjoy a glimpse of OG American scenery. 

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Blue Ridge Sunrise

About a month ago, we took best advantage of our three-day weekend to escape to the North Carolina mountains. The weather was still perfectly cool, and all plants still fully lush. We stayed in my grandparents mountain cabin, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway from Asheville, NC. 

Our home for the weekend fit about every dream life demand one can think of: a sea of wildflowers, permeant soundtrack of the nearby running creek, never ending supply of fresh spring water, spacious back porch with a view of Cold Mountain to kill for; sorry can't go on too busy crying that I'm currently not there....

Between our heavy hang sessions, wooded explorations and local Asheville excursions, we worked hard to soak up as much beauty from mama nature as humanly possible. Like 6am sunrise hikes and wildflower glamour shots. Till our next escape...

Sinkhole In One

Things to remember: impromptu adventure outdoor trips are good for your health! A brief shout out to leon sinkholes, luna moths, water shoes, rope swings, not having to deal with bros&beer cans, iced tea colored water, go pros & the natural hum of nature. Have you had your retreat from the city lately?