Wild Wreaths

Wreaths are typically known to be something exclusively appreciated during the holiday season. But Sarah and I both agree they are the perfect way to bring nature into your home any time of the year. Sometimes I can't stop myself from picking up little pieces that have shaken loose from the trees above: acorns, dried berries, shapely vines, tiny pine cones, magnolia seed pods, budding branches and anything else that can be foraged from my time spent hiking in the Tallahassee wilderness. I also have a habit of setting leftover flowers and herbs on my shelf for drying “experiments”, so there's always a random assortment of unique stems floating around the house. So what better way to clean house of all those pretty dried grass blooms and fall wildflowers then to assemble a new wreath for the holidays. 

There really is no plan necessary when designing your own wreath –I like to let the foliage speak for itself, giving it space to allow natural movement. That said, here are some basics to help you get started in creating your own unique piece.


Wire frame or homemade wreath form
Green florist wire


We started our wreath with a wire frame and evergreen foliage as the base. Plants we used were: pine, ferns, and magnolia. 

Once you have attached your base securely with floral wire, continue adding interest to your wreath (wax myrtle berries, fir & pine twigs, acorns, holly berries, pinecones, dried flowers/herbs, etc.) securing with wire each time you add a branch of layer. 

Continue with this process until your wreath looks full and lush and hides the frame completely.