Eat, Drink, & Be Married

At the beginning of this year, Bloom was presented with the opportunity to curate our first ever event - the marriage of my (not so lil') brother Alex and his lovely bride Karen. The chance to provide our loved ones a beautiful day they'd never forget (plus add in a bit of dat Bloom swagger) seemed like a definite win win. A new experience for all three of us, we were beyond excited to take on this project of J-Lo status wedding planner(s). 

At first, our eagerness towards event planning probably overshadowed the black hole of to-do lists looming ahead. BUT we put aside making cute recipes & fun mixtapes to really dive-in and face the challenge. (keyword challenge). Putting together an entire wedding *more or less* is like actually a lot of work. But honestly/obviously it was totally worth it.

Big ups and a forever thank you to the patience and generosity of the Taylor fam (hi dad). And especially to all of our friends who chipped in, (and I'm forever grateful to my fave twins for all their hard work): Elizabeth provided beautiful Wyld Craft soaps as wedding favors; Barbara did the incredible design work for all of the invites and other printed material; our friend Frank became a pro tree climber to hang all the lights; our friend Peter became a pro bartender to work the reception; our gal pals helped man the photo booth table... Needless to say *we be blessed* with everyone who contributed to our sanity the day of the event (Ashten Mays I'm lookin @ u).

Final result was a perfectly charming wedding and reception, that friends and family will remember fondly (hopefully) for many years to come. 

But I'll save ya from anymore shout-outs and sap. So until Bloom 2.0 Event Planners comes to a URL near you, here's a few pretty pics of the reception that we produced. From programs to table settings and everything else!