What's the dill?! Cucumber And Dill Infused Vodka

So we loooove dill. On like everything. Popcorn, chickpeas, brussels sprouts, etc. The rest of the world really loves it too: Poland throws it in soups (borscht 1 luv), Sweden pickles it with fish, the French sprinkle it on pastries, Africa marinates their meat with dill, Germany likes their dill pickles, and Holland steeps it in hot milk (ew?) As a culinary herb, dill does a job well done as fresh, dried, or fermented. Plus it's packed with nutritional and medicinal superpowers: dill has significant amounts of vitamin A and C, beta-carotene, folic acid, and serious amount of anti-oxidants; medicinally, dill has been used to treat poor digestion, insomnia, headaches, increase breast milk, and balance blood sugar levels. Pro tip! Dill is fairly simple to grow, prefers full sun and can reach up to 3 ft. tall.

All this to say, def got super excited when we picked-up our Ten-Speed Greens CSA last week, to find fresh beautiful dill! So naturally we were like "omg cocktails!" Took it next level and decided to infuse this presh herb in some classy vodka, with a well paired veggie, the cucumber. Vodka is a great liquor to use for infusions, as its "generally" odorless and flavorless. Likewise it also makes it a good choice if you're low on the money flow- international importation can increase the price of vodkas, rather than its quality. Historically, vodka was used solely for medicinal purposes: for disinfection, pain, and external wounds. Today it is still used medicinally, more for internal wounds. 

Anyway one thing led to another, and now we have the PERFECT mixer for the PERFECT Bloody Mary (recipe soon to come!). 

Infusing liquor is easy. You just need an airtight jar and some patience. Fresh dill can be particularly potent, so really not too much patience for this mix. We're going to let ours soak for a week or less? But would probably be good to use after about 42 hours. Plus since dill is a natural treatment for headaches... well, you do the math.


1 bunch fresh dill
1 small to medium sized cucumber
Vodka of choice (depending on size jar, you will need about the same oz, maybe a little less)
An airtight jar (either 8 oz or 16 oz will do)


1. Chop thick stems from the dill. 
2. Cut and peel cucumber
3. Place both in jar, and then pour in your vodka.
4. Seal sit and lit sit for up to 48 hours.
5. Enjoy!