Summer Here We Kum(quat)

Nothing brings on more summer vibes than getting creative with your hydration of booze. Like how many ice-cold refreshing, deliciously fresh, garden grown, fruity sweet flavor combos can one come up with on the fly? Never enough.

Had a real treat waiting around in my pantry for use - homemade kumquat jam gifted to me by E. Kumquats are the perfect tart and so as a jam offer wide range of random uses. Reduced to a simple syrup, this could go far with so many different drinks. Fresh citrus to hold up the tart syrup, the subtle, peppery flavor of homegrown basil is what really did the trick. Take those super flavors and add just a bit of seltzer and our favorite fruit mixer *tequila - so easily you have the ultimate summer cocktail that only a crazy person would have to dislike.


1 tbsp kumquat jam (more or less depending on taste) 
2 oranges, we used navel
1/4 cup candied ginger
4 to 5 basil leaves
2 bottles sparkling orange seltzer

*makes two drinks


1. Reduce kumquat jam and diced candied ginger on low heat until syrup consistency.

2. Squeeze oranges and pour into mixer. Add cooled kumquat syrup and tequila and shake thoroughly.

3. Evenly pour between both glasses, and then add orange seltzer. Top off with basil leaves.

4. Garnish with orange slice and leftover candied ginger.

Ginger Prickly Pear & Basil Cocktails, for the Prickly of Heart

Here in Tallahassee, we're pretty lucky to have some pretty incredible ladies providing the community with fresh, organic, produce- as part of their independently run business Ten-Speed Greens.

We stopped by their market this past weekend and picked up one of their homemade jams: ginger prickly pear jam. Yes, it sounds EVEN BETTER than you would imagine. The sweetness of the pear (...and sugar...) doesn't drown out the spiciness of the ginger, leaving you with the perfect flavor combo to mix with tequila. *Remember, try and use %100 Agave tequila if you can.*  We added a bit of basil to the mix for an extra added herb-y freshness. And then of course what tequila drink goes without lime? Sparkling water is optional (and honestly a bit unnecessary if you're throwing this drink in the blender), but we love the bubbly so who can blame us.


Generous spoonfuls
10-Speed-Greens ginger prickly pear jam
3 fresh limes
2 full sprigs of basil
100% agave tequila
Sparkling water



1. Combine ice, tequila, jam, and half of your basil leaves in a blender. For a more pulpy drink, peel limes and add them to the blender as well.
2. Add ice and sparkling water to glasses, but fill only half way. Fill remainder of the glasses with your mixture. Stir. *Skip the seltzer if you're a normal person and just want a blended icy drink*
3. Squeeze in lime juice to preference.
4. Garnish with lime wedge and basil.