Icelandic Jólaglögg

With or without the snow there's nothing more heart warming than my grandmothers traditional Icelandic mulled wine around the holidays. She says it makes her reminiscent of the Christmas markets in Reykjavik's main square and the lighting of the Oslo tree. The spicy scent of Jólaglögg is the potent Icelandic answer to mulled wine ie. frozen lil lungs. 

In the Middle Ages, mulled wine was even used as medicine in Central Europe -- in addition to healing spices, herbs were also added to the wine to help the ailing. This drink will quickly open up your sinuses, while the the heat trails down your throat and begins to spread through your body. This cocktail is so welcoming it's no wonder it’s such a prosperous way to treat your friends.


1 bottle red wine 
1/4 cup vodka or gin 
5 cloves 
2 crushed cardamoms 
2 cinnamon sticks 
1/4 cup of local honey *optional
Orange peels, skinned almonds and raisins. 


Cut the peel from half an orange into thin strips and leave the white bit. Heat the wine and spirits with the spice and let it stay warm for a few minutes without boiling it. Add honey, almonds, raisins and orange peel. Stir and keep warm for a few more minutes. Serve Hot!!